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Media Makers — the first Russian
conference for those who shift
the “media-landscape"…


Branding for Media Makers conference reflects the reality of media industry. It is an Abstraction that at a certain point turns into specifics. The logo states that there is at least two points of view on the same object. Combination of neon colors, amorphous subjects – an analogy for information space in digital.


Dmitry Karpov British higher school of art & design
Alex Amyotov Look at media
Dmitry Navosha
Elena Kiryushina
Anton Gladkoborodov Coub
Pasha Romanovsky Socialist group
Mikhail Ilyichev Zvooq
Sergei Sus Action media
Dmitry Lamonov Google
Artem Kirakosyan Okko Tv
Mariya Podlesnova RusBase
Vladimir Shreyder Glitché, SLMMSK

On the web-site

First of all, it works without a hitch on all devices. We only use effects for the conference site-scroll when it is truly necessary. For example, getting the background video brighter while scrolling to the actual video clips, or automatic scrolling to the called out elements after pushing menu buttons. We did not go to outer space beyond that, there is enough of it on a graphic level.