This spring the Swedish label Local Talk released Moscow based Lay-Far's new album ''How I Communicate''. Among the album's songs was the track ''Drop The Time''. According to Sasha (Lay Far) the label wasn't convinced by this composition and wanted to exclude it from the album.
Valdis Bielykh (director): We've met Lay-Far during the presentation of Vito Ricci's music video at Enthusiast bar about one year ago. Funny enough last weekend we presented our music video for ''Drop The Time'' track at the same spot. During the filming period I had a daughter and Sasha (Lay-Far) had two sons - was a bloody fruitful collaboration I guess.

This music video is about students trapped in a love triangle. The main roles were signed by young but relevant actors such as Pavel Tabakov, Marusya Fomina and Pasha Shevando. The narrator, who keeps telling you - insignificant at the first sight - stories from the T.V. screen is Great Fruit studio producer Roman Ruktanskiy, this was actually his acting debut. We even had some acting doubles cameos in process.


Interview Russia:
"Режиссер клипа Валдис Белых рассказал Interview,
какое отношение ко всему этому имеет
советская классика «Летят журавли»".

Mixmag Russia:
"...в процессе съемок были задействованы даже каскадеры".

Lay-Far's latest video is a soulful satire on love.