Branding/ Product design and production/
Web design and production
for Himol

Himol produces household chemical supplies
and chemical products for various businesses.

The brand appeared in April 2014 after the first wave of Ukrainian revolution. Just like the revolution started with Molotov cocktail, the branding started with a bottle of liquid fire starter. Everybody knows that Molotov cocktail is the essential weapon of revolution, and Ukrainian flag became synonymous to civil revolution. So the colors on Ukrainian flag made friends with the fire starter bottle in this project. To design the whole product range we applied individual abstract style. For each bottle individual material, color and shape were chosen to fit the purpose it serves. Colors and graphics were based on intuitive perception of each product individually, which created an appropriate range of HIMOL products.

Main products design
Liquid and gel firestarter

Side product design
Solvent inks
Windshield washer fluid
Flaw detection liquid

Special product design
Disinfection liquid

All colors of HIMOL

Web site