Ytro (Russian for morning) has a raw and slightly nostalgic sound reminiscent of 80s Soviet rock underground, and their intricate lyrics is probably one of the finest examples of poetry in the country's new indie scene. Ytro is a side project of Motorama band members who already explored retro-sounds as Bergen Kremer, although that time with more electronic sound.

The new video for Ytro's track Sad (Russian for garden), directed by Valdis Bielykh of Moscow-based production studio the Great Fruit, takes the viewer to the very Russian setting of a wooden house in the countryside and the banks of Volga river. “The main idea of the video was to give the viewer the feeling of travelling back home. We filmed it around the Volga where the character of the video is from," Valdis said.


The Calvert Journal:
"Travel to the Volga river with the under-
ground sound of Russian band Ytro".

Interview Russia:
"В Московской студии the Great Fruit
был выпущен клип на песню «Сад»
с альбома 2010 года".

Eclectic Magazine:
"Post-punk/cold wave collective УТРО
released a brand new music video
for their single Сад (Garden)".

"«Утро» представляет новый клип
на старую песню «Сад», который был снят
московской студией The Great Fruit".

"Русская деревня и мучительная серость
в клипе группы «Утро» на песню «Сад»".

"Возвращение в деревню в клипе
группы «Утро»".