The Great Fruit –
limited design & video production.

We do:

Video: Fashion films, Commercials, VHS 420,
Music videos, Video reports, Festival reports,
Backstages, Teasers, Style service.

Design: Branding, Magazines, Web-sites, Books,
Special projects, Fashion prints, Product design.

Offline support: Launches, Presentations,
Conferences, Opening parties.

Publications: (Eng)
Highsnobiety (Eng)
Calvert Journal (Eng)
Fucking Young! (Eng)
Knife media (Ru)
Andy Warhol's Interview (Ru)
Fur Fur
Platform (Ru)
W-O-S (Ru)
Colta (Ru)
Mixmag (Ru)
Afisha (Ru)
The Flow (Ru)

Collaborating with such brands as:

Who are we:

The GF unites youngstylers*
with a wide range of skills.
Aesthetic sense connects our team.
We are different, but we are the same in terms
of creating great things.

* young soul, fresh mind

Art director

Valdis has 5 years of experience in the advertising business as a former Art director of special projects at,, and Art director at Leto digital agency (Ark Scholz & Friends Russia). He was also involved as both designer @ Folga and stylist @ Manufactory adding to have range of professional abilities.

Product designer

Working on freelance and firm projects
since the Great Fruit was invented.